Former Royal Castle Budapest
Fans of short weekend breaks should visit Budapest. The best time to visit Budapest is from June to September where the weather is lovely and getting around is easy. Weekend getaways are not preferred by many travelers. The hassle of cramming in a lot in a short time scares most travelers off. […]

The best time to visit Budapest

Are ‘best travel apps’ worth the hype? With 100’s of new apps launching in the marketplace its difficult to know which ones live up to the hype. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an android or ios user, the dilemma is the still the same.  Should I download this app? Here’s […]

Are ‘best travel apps’ hype false?

These 21 unique world festivals are a must attend to travelers needing to experience cultures. Festivals are an extension of the what the culture of the people. Here’s a list of 21 festivals that must feature on your travel plans at least once. Festivals are the best times to interact […]

21 unique world festivals to attend once in your life

Looking to plan a getaway and seeking to fund the best vacations on a budget? The time and effort that goes into planning a holiday can be a daunting task. The first question that usually pops up is where do we go? Followed by how much will that cost? Today’s featured […]

Best vacations on a budget

Traveling is scary for most people. You’ve heard people narrate how they got scammed or how they felt they were suspicious of the locals being so ‘helpful’. Here are 15 real travel scams and how to you can avoid them. Our aim here at TLCJ is to share relevant travel […]

15 real Travel Scams used and how you can avoid ...

  Considering the best times to travel to Ecuador can be a challenge for many. Ecuador has 4 distinct climate zones. This fact comes as a surprise to many; especially when you consider the size of Ecuador. Each zone has it’s own weather pattern making this country a tricky place to […]

Best time to travel to Ecuador? Here’s help in planning ...

Houseboat Experience Alleppey Kerala India
There are a few things that one should experience when traveling.  Vacationing on a houseboat in Kerala, India is one them.  The house boats experience provides an excellent opportunity to tourist experience the hospitality of the people in Kerala. Today’s featured post focuses on the what you can expect when […]

Houseboat Vacation: The Allepey experience

“You can’t focus on your passion to travel while building a career.” I don’t know how many times I heard people tell me this. And to some extent it’s true. I can’t be on the road traveling for more than 4 weeks of the year. That how much time I […]

Tips: Balancing a Career & Travel

Spain’s Camio De Santiago is know a Christian pilgrimage. But what pilgrimages usually do for the faithful also offers travelers the opportunity to get lost and enjoy the world and life we have. It’s easy to say that Camino De Santiago, is now, more of a travelers pilgrimage. The time taken on the […]

Camino de Santiago: Travelers Pilgrimage

 Want to learn how to make money while traveling? Travel blogging is one of the first ways to making money online while traveling. But why stop there? With the opportunities increasing, to make money online,  travelers now have more sources to make money and sustain a travel lifestyle.  Never in […]

How to make money online while traveling and blogging