Tips: Balancing a Career & Travel

“You can’t focus on your passion to travel while building a career.”

I don’t know how many times I heard people tell me this. And to some extent it’s true. I can’t be on the road traveling for more than 4 weeks of the year. That how much time I can take off in a year.

When I do travel, it’s usually for short times. I try to make 4 trips a year, but somehow end up feeling that I quite haven’t experienced the place I just visited.

For many of us giving up a careerĀ for full-time travel is not acceptable. Either because of fear of uncertainty, family commitments, money issues or other reasons.

Lauren, shares her tips and other traveler tips on balancing careers with the passion to travel. This features in our Travel Tips section.

Many people have this preconceived notion that traveling with a full-time job is impossible. They believe that you either have to work at building your career and wait until you retire to travel, or that you have to quit your job completely in order to see the world.

Source: Top Tips on Balancing a Job & Travel | Twirl The Globe