Camino de Santiago: Travelers Pilgrimage

Spain’s Camio De Santiago is know a Christian pilgrimage. But what pilgrimages usually do for the faithful also offers travelers the opportunity to get lost and enjoy the world and life we have.

It’s easy to say that Camino De Santiago, is now, more of a travelers pilgrimage. The time taken on the road gives us time to reflect on the blessing and appreciate the journey we’ve started.

Most times we got caught up in the travel extravaganza of rushing from one tourist spot to another. Often, not taking the time to reflect on the opportunities we’ve created or are experiencing.

Flora takes her readers on this adventure where she walks to the end of the world. Her tips and places to see provides great tips on places to see on your next visit to Chile.

From Santiago cathedral to the lighthouse at Finisterre: would you walk the Camino to the end of the world?

Source: The Day I Walked to the End of the World